God Moment

Mom has been an active member of Advent for 15 years. About 7 years ago, after her first broken hip her ability and motivation to get to church wasn’t the same as it had been.  I worked to encourage her and to keep her positive and ambulating, while praying to God for her healing and faith. She has since given up on healing and she just prays for God to take her home. (She also has been diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.)

I work as a nurse and am mom’s caretaker. In February, I decided to move and was downsizing my home. In the process, I tore my rotator cuff.

I prayed and cried for days after the orthopedic surgeon told me I would be out of work for six months. Obviously, my ability to trust in God to save me in this situation was diminished, and for that I am ashamed because in so many other situations in my life, He lifted me up and carried me through it.

But, God prevailed. I called out and asked for help and I received everything that I needed to help me get through it. I am still out of work, but the short-term disability insurance has sustained me.

The care that I have received from your parish, dear friends and family, has humbled me. You made me realize that God knows I cannot make it on my own, and that He gives us what we need even when we have taken back the control because we think God can’t handle it. But, He reminds us sometimes—in not such a gentle way—that we need Him.

Thank you to your Care Team for stepping in and bringing us meals and sitting and visiting with us. My unending gratitude to my brothers and sisters at Advent who have loved on us and provided the help we needed, at the moment we needed it. Mom and I are blessed.