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Advent has a variety of activities and ministry opportunities and we invite you to check out what is coming up next. Feel free to call and find out more about involvement and inviting others to be involved,

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Newsletter | September & October

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Fall is here and its a great time to get involved at Advent. There are unique events including EPIC, a new worship experience for adults in the evenings and so much more!


Summer Nights

Join us for our special Summer Nights as we explore different aspects of our worship gathering. This is a way to dig deeper into our Sunday Morning sermon conversation and enjoy fellowship in a variety of ways. We’ll also be enjoying a most important staple of worship: the donut. We’ll taste test and rate five different donut vendors to decide the best donut in Memphis.
7/1 – Night of Prayer | 6p-7p
7/8 – Night of Preaching | 6p-7p
7/15 – Night of Music | 6p-7p
7/22 – KidMin | 6p-7p
7/29 – Communion | 6p-7p
Children’s activities in the CLC. Childcare for younger children provided as well.
Punch card for prizes:
  • 3x-Advent Koozie and sunglasses.
  • 4x-Advent aluminum water bottle (and Koozie and sunglasses).
  • 5x-Advent aluminum water bottle, Koozie, sunglasses, $10 Mempops gift card, $20 Central BBQ gift card)


Wet Wednesdays

AYM will enjoy four pool parties over the summer in different locations. We’ll have some burgers and hot dogs and then jump in the water as a way to cool off and have fun together.
These events are for students exiting 5th-12th grades
  • 5/30: Club Windward. 630p-930p
  • 7/3: Soccer field behind the CLC. 630p-930p
  • 7/25: Ed and Nancy Garrisons’ house. 630p-930p
  • 8/15: Pat and D’Ann Averwaters’ house 5p-8pm.
Yes, I know 7/3 is a Tuesday (Turnt Tuesday).


Advent Announcer May and June 2018

Summer is here and its a great time to get involved at Advent. There are unique events including VBS, Youth retreats, a summer worship series in the evenings and so much more!

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