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Living Our Faith | 6-2-17

Good morning, friends…
I was returning to my car in the Costco parking lot on a busy afternoon when I heard a shopping cart whiz by me towards a nearby car. I was expecting a cart full of kids in this getaway cart (with an anxious mother chasing after it). Instead (and to my surprise) I saw a couple of 20-somethings laughing hysterically as they brought the cart to a screeching halt. They appeared to be siblings enjoying one another’s company on an errand to Costco. As I glanced at them, the sister of the pair said with a huge smile, “Excuse us… he’s always playing around.”


Advent Announcer June 2017

Summer is here and a lot is happening at Advent. We start a new sermon series, VBS and summer camps are open for registration, and don’t forget about Father’s Day!
Check out what is going on at Advent!


Living our Faith | 5-26-2017

Good morning, friends…
I’ve always found that the Memorial Day weekend is the perfect situation for a time of evaluation, a near-mid-year checkup on what is going on in life, and what adjustments I need to make mid-flight as we navigate the year.
Christian spirituality champions the idea of examination, hinging on a couple of realities. First, we are still works in progress. Second, we never “master” the spiritual life, for we are always learners.
Ignatius of Loyola stressed two readings during examination: consolation (life giving) and desolation (lethargy). Small groups in churches use Ignatius’ pattern in group life, for it provides each participant a chance to retrace their week and acknowledge what has brought them life and what has brought them down. I once heard of a women’s group that used this same framework, but called these items “roses” and “thorns.”
I encourage us all to carve out some time during this long weekend to engage in reflection.
What is it that has brought you renewed, contagious joy? Perhaps you should plan more of that in the months ahead.
What has brought you profound lethargy? Perhaps you should find the root of the issue and ask God to empower you to overcome it.
Don’t forget the Vacation Bible School weeks ahead for each of our campuses. Make sure you have all (grand)children signed up. VBS is also a great opportunity to participate in the life of our church. We invite you to join us.
Pastor Joe Skillen


Prayer List | 5-21-17

PRAYER is our invitation to enter into an intimate and personal relationship with God. You will find many ways that you can come together with us as we seek to explore and grow deeper in that relationship. God welcomes the prayers of those who call out to Him. It would be an honor and great joy for us to include you in this journey toward and with our God.



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