Prayer List | 6-24-18

PRAYER is our invitation to enter into an intimate and personal relationship with God. You will find many ways that you can come together with us as we seek to explore and grow deeper in that relationship. God welcomes the prayers of those who call out to Him. It would be an honor and great joy for us to include you in this journey toward and with our God.


  • Houston Mission Trip
  • Jerry Stone
  • Vacation Bible School

Prayers for Our Church:

  • Summer Nights in July (Sundays @ 6 pm)
  • Advent Summer Camps
  • Youth summer trips

Prayers for Members and Friends:

  • Sharon Kelso
  • Katie Peters
  • Lee Teague
  • Amaury Kate Eaves, Brett and Susan Brewer’s cousin
  • Christy Williams
  • David Bonds
  • Raelyn Hammrich, Jerrub and Kellye (Gaskin) Hammrich’s daughter
  • Betty Gay Williams
  • Randy Young
  • Kay Wilson
  • Cliff Peeler and family on the death of his father
  • David Lytle
  • Sharon Messer-Schur
  • Nancy Chop
  • Travis Bozeman
  • Jim Panter
  • Mike Karel
  • Evelyn Eads
  • Bill and Betty Burrus
  • Ryan Barrows
  • Monie Smith, Pat Smith’s mother
  • Reida Lawrence, Ginna Walker’s


  • Mary Watkins
  • Asher, Lenckes’ grandson
  • Bob Stewart
  • Greg Smith’s father
  • Brake family

Prayers for the Nation:

  • Andrew Brunson, missionary in Turkey