Cordova Prayer List | 11-10-19


  • Nathan Rast
  • Patty Tidwell
  • Catherine Kelly
  • Clay Yates

Prayers for Our Church:

  • Sanctuary Renovation
  • Nacome Youth Trip

Prayers for Members and Friends:

  • Patsy Patten, Ronnie Mitchison’s mother
  • Mike Cain
  • Cohen Land, grandson of Rick Newman and

   Marilyn Wood

  • Diane Evans
  • Asher Muzzi, Lencke’s grandson
  • Eileen Ewing, Janet Panter’s mother
  • Trip Malouf
  • Jim and Janet Panter
  • Barbara and Bob Williams, Janice Lamer’s parents
  • Kindra Cruz, Jim and Janet Panter’s niece
  • Nancy Chop
  • Sharon Pilkinton
  • Larry Young, Stacy Young’s father
  • Alan and Tammy Bugg for the sale of their house in Houston
  • Marilyn McKenzie
  • Cal Aycock
  • Sharon Kelso
  • Nancy Madison, Laurie Worley’s Mother
  • Lyndsey Gill
  • Elson Langley, Sharon Gill’s father
  • Jim and Becca Brake
  • Nikki Walker and family on the death of her grandmother, Loretta Ann Clem
  • Maryann Chandler
  • Doris Roberts
  • Mike Gunn, Tom Gunn’s brother
  • Ellie Gunn, broken hand
  • Joan Geyer, Jean Leach’s sister
  • Casey Borchart, Carolyn Randall’s daughter
  • Patti Cole, Lauren Cole’s mother-in-law