Cordova Prayer List | 11-18-18

PRAYER is our invitation to enter into an intimate and personal relationship with God. You will find many ways that you can come together with us as we seek to explore and grow deeper in that relationship. God welcomes the prayers of those who call out to Him. It would be an honor and great joy for us to include you in this journey toward and with our God.


  • Walt Schrimper

Prayers for Our Church:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Family and friends
  • Christmas season

Prayer s for Members and Friends:

  • Judy Hilton, Greg Chewning’s grandmother
  • Claude Dobbins, D’Ann Averwater’s father
  • Shirley Lownes
  • Bill and Cathy Bendall
  • Jennifer Hanks
  • Clara Scruggs-Cotton
  • Denise Rikard on the death of her father
  • Cal Aycock
  • Lyndsey Gill
  • Jim Ball, Georgena Gannt’s cousin
  • Cora McLaurin, Jenny Sanford’s mom and Leslie McKinney’s grandmother
  • Karen Schmulbach
  • Sandy Fort
  • Mary McCullar
  • Mary Watkins
  • Betty Gay Williams
  • David and Sally Lytle
  • Monie Smith, Pat Smith’s mother