Cordova Prayer List | 2-2-2020


  • Travis and Melissa Baker on the birth of Luna Mae
  • Eric and Hayley Odom on the birth of Maci Blair

Prayers for Our Church:

  • Unity within our church family in 2020
  • Session and nominating committees
  • Members of the pastor search committee
  • Nominations for elders and trustees

Prayers for Members and Friends:

  • Eddie Stephens, Earl Stephen’s brother
  • Jennifer White, Shirley Lowne’s daughter
  • Marjorie Parker, Kelso’s and Fore’s friend
  • Catherine Kelly
  • Dena Morgan, Donna Morgan’s daughter
  • Thaine Hanks
  • Sara Ko
  • Nancy Chop
  • Anne McKee, Robin Ballou’s mother
  • Gene McCullar
  • Sandi Shettles
  • Gary Pennel
  • Samantha Harris
  • John Simpson on the death of his sisters
  • Alex Schneider and family on the death of her

   husband, Matt

  • Mike Cain
  • Doug Thompson
  • Pat Vaughn
  • Asher Muzzi, Lenckes’ grandson
  • Jim and Janet Panter
  • Kindra Cruz, Jim and Janet Panter’s niece
  • Larry Young, Stacy Young’s father
  • Nancy Madison, Laurie Worley’s mother
  • Casey Borchart, Carolyn Randall’s daughter
  • Maryn Shepherd
  • Brad and Charisse George on the birth of Charley
  • Judy Roberts, Diane Yobak’s friend
  • Claire Waters, Stephanie Guthrie’s grandmother
  • Oliver, Stephen and Anna Rudolph
  • Tom Nunley
  • Karigan Bartlett, Matt Edmiston’s niece
  • Maryann Chandler
  • Betsey Bogen