Cordova Prayer List | 4-7-19


  • Elaine Smoak, Cindy Micci’s mother
  • Sandy Fort

Prayers for Our Church:

  • Spring programs and studies
  • EPC Presbytery Meeting hosted at Advent in May

Prayers for Members and Friends:

  • Marilyn McKenzie
  • Mary Watkins
  • The family and friends of Larry Teroy on his death
  • Lynne Lichtermann
  • Bitsy Siano
  • Polly Schrimper
  • Jim and Becca Brake
  • Jeanne Carnes, Patty Tidwell’s sister
  • Bob Stewart
  • Bob Mink, friend of the Phelps family
  • Sam Muldavin, friend of the Moss’
  • Sandi Shettles
  • Lindsay Hondlenk, Sharon Shreeves’ daughter
  • Sandra Hurley, Gloria Thomas’s sister
  • Betty Scott
  • Prince McLemore
  • Casey Hoeft, friend of Leslie McKinney
  • Mali Nunley
  • Lourenda McKinney, Marlin McKinney’s mother
  • Susan Jordan
  • Asher Muzzi, Lencke’s grandson