Courtesy Service Ministry

Advent’s Courtesy Service Ministry is a ministry of presence, compassion, care and helpfulness.  The goal of this ministry is to have everyone feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as they enter the grounds of Advent and during their time of worship, study, fellowship or recreation.  Courtesy Service Team members fulfill this goal by

  • Assisting those who may need help getting out of or into vehicles,
  • Helping individuals get to and from vehicles during bad weather,
  • Unloading supplies and materials,
  • Directing traffic,
  • Maintaining a presence on the grounds during worship service and special events,
  • Providing minor vehicle assistance (jump starts, flat tires, etc.),
  • Responding to and managing medical, fire and weather related incidents.

Advent’s Courtesy Service Ministry is a lay lead, lay delivered ministry supported by the pastors and church staff.  There are 4 volunteer positions in this ministry. Courtesy Service Ministry Coordinators collaborate with Advent’s pastors and staff to determine ministry requirements, develop ministry plans, and secure financial resources.  Coordinators are responsible for recruiting, training and scheduling ministry volunteers. Courtesy Service Team Leaders coordinate and work with a group usually consisting of no more than five team members during an event for a 2 to 3 hour period.  These individuals maintain contact with the team members and manage unusual circumstances or incidents. Courtesy Service Team Members work in pairs and generally are located at Advent’s main entrances and in the parking lots during events.  The Team Members serve Advent’s members and guests and when necessary seek assistance from the Team Leader.  Usually, Team Members serve a 2 to 3 hour shift. Courtesy Service Communications Coordinators work in the church office during events and monitor communications, video surveillance cameras, provide access to the church office and provide directions and information to members and guests.  Communications Coordinators usually serve a 2 to 3 hour shift. We are seeking volunteers to commit to serve at least 1 shift of 2 hours each month on Sunday morning for 1 year.  Our initial recruiting goal is to have 60 volunteers. Ultimately we hope to have at least 150 volunteers in this ministry.