Giving to Help our Community

Hello, friends! Here we are in the middle of social distancing in response to the coronavirus. Maybe you saw the meme that said, 
“Our grandparents were called into war.
We are called to sit on the sofa. We can do this.”
All jokes aside, we are living in a strange season. It seems that we are just feeling our way through this, one day at a time. If you have been around Advent for a while, you won’t be surprised to learn that we have received calls and emails from many members who want to know what they can do to help. Of course that’s what they want to know! Advent takes service to others seriously.
In response to this crisis, we have set up a fund called
Advent Community Assistance Fund.
You can access this via the website and on the ShelbyNext app. 
We will use these funds to address the needs of folks in our community who have been impacted by the current health crisis.