Congregational Meeting

Sunday, May 16th at 12:00pm

Cordova Campus in the Sanctuary

Zoom Meeting ID: 9017556290 (No passcode required)
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Class of 2025 (4-YEAR TERMS)

Kent Miller (Arlington)
Kent attends church at the Arlington Campus and served as an Elder and on the 2020 Pastor 
Search Committee. He leads Route 66 adult Sunday school class and Serves on the Media Team.
Elizabeth Straube (Cordova)
Elizabeth attends church at the Cordova Campus at the 11:00 service and serves as an AYM advisor, on the Hospitality Team, and as a welcome desk volunteer. She also served on the 2020 pastor search team.
Mandy Weeks (Cordova)

Mandy attends church at the Cordova Campus at both the 9:00 and 11:00 services. She is a member of the Aqua Circle and serves on the Hospitality Team and as a welcome desk volunteer.


Class of 2024 (3-YEAR TERMS)

John Hercher (Cordova)
John attends church at the Cordova Campus at the 11:00 service and is a teacher in the Barnabas Sunday School class.
Amy Puddephatt (Cordova)

Amy attends church at the Cordova Campus at the 11:00 service and is a member of the Aqua Circle and  has volunteered for many years as an AYM advisor. She serves on the Hospitality Team both as a greeter and a welcome desk volunteer.

Barbara Edward (Cordova)

Barbara attends church at the Cordova Campus at the 9:00 service and the Christianity 201 Sunday School class. She is in the Dorcas Circle and Adventurers. She serves on the Adventurers board and the prayer team.


Class of 2025 (4-YEAR TERMS)

Joel Lewis (Cordova)
Joel attends church at the Cordova Campus at the 11:00 service and is involved in an IronMan group. He served as chairman of the nominating committee.

Nell Blair (Arlington)

Nell attends church at the Arlington Campus. She has coordinated Wee Church and currently serves as Nursery volunteer 

Class of 2024 (3-YEAR TERMS)

Ken Carlton (Cordova)
Ken attends church at the Cordova Campus at the 11:00 service and is a member of the Aqua Circle. He has led the ReEngage marriage class.
Lyle Conley (Arlington)
Lyle attends church at the Arlington Campus. She has served as an Elder and VBS Director and currently helps lead DIVAs women’s study group.

Congregational Nominating Committee

Melissa Carlton

Laurie Cunningham

Sylvia Henry

Jayn Lando

Keith McDaniel

Marlin McKinney

Bryson Morgan – Arl

Kristen Parry

More Information about the Session and Trustees

  1. What is our current Session structure?
In recent years, Advent’s practice has been to elect a class of five new ruling elders each year for a Session term of three years.  Thus, if operating at full strength, Advent’s Session would normally consist of fifteen ruling elders, with five rolling off each year and five rolling on at the beginning of July.  Occasionally, the total number may vary slightly, if an elder moves away or must step down for some other reason before his/her term is complete.  Currently, Advent has 14 ruling elders.


  1. Why restructure the size of Session and length of terms for each class?
An EPC Ministerial Committee team was invited to meet with Advent’s Session in the fall of 2020 to provide feedback and training.  One of the recommendations the team made was that Advent’s Session was pretty large for a church our size.    While Session needs to be large enough to provide adequate representation and experience, the MinCom team felt that a smaller group would make meetings and decision-making more efficient.
The MinCom team also advised Advent to allow for some elders to serve on Session for longer than a 3-year term.  They noted it usually takes one to two years for a new Session member to really get up to speed and that Advent’s 3-year terms have people rolling off just as they are achieving an experience level offering the most benefit to the church.
  1. Why are we doing it now?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the church facilities were closed during the spring of 2020 when elections for new elders and trustees for the 2023 class would have been held.  Even when a limited reopening began in the summer, holding a congregational meeting presented some challenges.  Eventually, the Session determined that the best course of action would be to skip elections in 2020, given that we were already past the July 1 time frame for the term of a new class to begin and that several time-sensitive issues under consideration would be delayed with one third of the members rolling off and a new class being installed.  The 2020 class of elders, who would normally have rolled off Session on June 30, 2020, was originally asked to stay in place through September 2020.  Once the decision was made to skip the elections for the year, this class was asked to remain in place until June 30, 2021.  This decision was announced to the congregation in October.

The circumstances that caused us to skip elections in 2020 created the need to somehow “backfill” the election of a 2023 class.  It also provided an opportunity to move forward with implementing changes suggested by the EPC MinCom team.  Doing it now, rather than waiting another year for the current class of 2022 to roll off, would shorten the transition period and hopefully allow the church to have one less issue to deal with a year down the road.
  1. Why start with classes of unequal terms?


Once the Session decided to reduce its maximum size from fifteen ruling elders to twelve and to extend the terms from three years to four, a transition plan was devised that would immediately achieve the desired size, assure some continuity by including experienced Session members, and eventually get Advent into the desired rhythm of electing a class of three elders each year with 4-year terms.


To maintain continuity by including some experienced current Session members, the “new” classes of 2022 and 2023 were filled by the Session by asking members from either the current 2021 or 2022 classes if they would be willing to serve an additional one to two years.   Six of the ten volunteered and these six will form the “new” classes of 2022 and 2023.  Three nominees were then needed to serve 3-year terms for the class of 2023 and three to serve 4-year terms for the class of 2024.  The Nominating Committee was tasked with seeking and vetting nominees for the classes of 2023 and 2024.   All four of the new 3-member classes will begin service on July 1, 2021.


  1. What about the Trustees?


The Session asked the Board of Trustees to come up with a plan for its own size and restructure.  The Trustees followed the Session restructure, indicating that four classes of two members each, with terms of 4 years would be desirable.  The “new” classes of 2022 and 2023 will be filled with existing trustees and the Nominating Committee was asked to seek and vet nominees for the classes of 2023 and 2024.