Advent Presbyterian Men’s Ministries

Looking to get involved in your church?  Advent Men’s Ministries are alive and well and opportunities are waiting for your involvement.  Take a look at the listing below.

Ironman Groups

We have small groups for men, called Ironmen.  These groups meet on a weekly basis and basically work together to answer three questions:  1) what does the Scripture say?  2) what relationships, particularly among men, are called into consideration?  and 3) what am I going to do differently today – as a result of this understanding of the Bible and these relationships – for God’s glory in my walk with Him?  Interested?  Contact Terry Coggins at or 901-755-0409.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

We have a weekly Men’s Prayer Breakfast held at the church on Friday’s at 6:45 am on the first and last Fridays of the month.  On the other Fridays we meet at Danver’s on Germantown Parkway.  Interested?  Contact Art Thompson at or 901-604-9372.

Men’s Prayer Session

In conjunction with Advent’s day of prayer, we have a Men’s Prayer Session, usually at noon, in the Prentiss Chapel on the first day of every month.  Interested?  Contact Joe Bishop at or 901-828-6174.

Men’s Retreat

We have an annual Men’s Retreat, held at the Pinecrest Conference Center, usually in the October/November time frame.  The retreat will convene on Friday afternoon and conclude Saturday afternoon.

Men’s Ministry Dinners

We have Men’s Ministry Dinners in June, just before Father’s Day, and in September.  

Great Banquet

Many of our members also participate in leading Great Banquet weekends while some of our members are ‘guests’ of the Great Banquet.  Interested?  Contact Joe Bishop at or 901-828-6174

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

In the fall, Advent hosts a football camp for the team from Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis in conjunction with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  Interested?  Contact Mike Moss at or 901-687-6032 or Scott Puddephatt at or 901-409-1163.

Mr. Fix It

And for those of you so inclined, and skilled, we have a Mr. Fix It program to address some of the needs of our members.  Interested?  Contact David Lichtermann at or 901-210-7945.

Men’s Sunday School

If you like an all-male Sunday School class, we offer ‘the Men’s Room’ for your Bible study on Sunday morning.  Interested?  Contact Dave Hudson at 901-483-3767.

Youth Programs Liaison

If you’d like to work as a liaison with our Youth Programs, we’ve got a place for you there, as well?

Youth Leadership Memphis (YLM)

Youth Leadership is a mission to inner city children, primarily boys, where we give the children an opportunity to work as part of a team doing yardwork.  Our goal is to give these children some experience in the world of work and the opportunity to interact with Christian Men who act as mentors while the children are working.  Each workday starts off with a lesson on what it means to be a Christian Man of Character.  The commitment is one workday, typically once per quarter, on the second or fourth Saturday of the month.  The workday is one shift (6:00 AM to 12:30 PM, or 12:15 PM to 5:30 PM).  Breakfast and Lunch are provided.