Advent Arlington Preschool

New Student Registration for 2021-2022 on Jan. 25 from 6:00-7:30 PM


Caring, Qualified, Christian

The Preschool Program is a part of the outreach mission of Advent Presbyterian Church in Arlington.  Believing that children learn best as they engage in age-appropriate activities with their peers in a happy, safe, and stimulating environment, it is our purpose to provide a program which is educationally sound, developmentally based, and staffed by caring, qualified Christian adults.


About the Program

The goal of Advent Preschool is to provide total readiness for kindergarten. We promote this learning through teaching in a safe and loving Christian environment.  Preparing your child for a long-term positive school experience is of primary concern to our entire staff.  Every day at Advent Preschool is a planned day.  Our staff spends time and effort in creating new challenges based on current education trends. It is our goal to provide a happy and safe environment.
Advent Arlington Church’s Preschool is for children 15 months through five years of age. Our school year begins the last week of August and follows the Arlington Community School’s schedule thereafter.  Tuition is paid one month in advance and is due on the first of each month.


We use the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TNELDS) curriculum as the basis of our teaching program. This curriculum is provided by the state of Tennessee. Language, math, science, music, and art are all part of our daily routine. General health is incorporated throughout the year. Personal safety is presented as required by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Hands on activities are encouraged in all areas, especially in teaching math, sorting, and classifying skills.
Our toddlers, two, and three-year-old children begin to share, take turns, pick up, and sort toys. They also enjoy hearing stories at circle time, singing, and learning finger plays, as well as daily art activities. Colors and shapes are emphasized at this age.
In addition, our Threes work on developing fine motor skills through play and by learning to hold and use scissors and pencils appropriately.
Our Four-year and Transition classes focus on kindergarten reading and math readiness skills. The Transition class bridges the gap for those students not quite ready for Kindergarten or who have missed the cut-off date and have previously completed a Four-year class.
All ages have the opportunity for large motor development through climbing, digging, jumping, and running on the playground or playing with balls, hoops, and games outdoors and in our Creative Movement class.
Children also receive a Christian education in a gospel-centered environment. They are shown and taught about God’s love for them in Jesus Christ. Bible stories are shared and Christian songs are taught, especially in the weekly Chapel program. They learn to pray. Christian values such as love of God, loving others, gratitude, respect, sharing, giving, and forgiving are reinforced throughout the day. Opportunities are made for them to serve others. And each class and their families are invited at least once a year to participate in Advent Arlington’s Sunday morning worship.
It is our goal to help all children develop a strong academic, social, and spiritual foundation. We give them all they need to be independent confident learners.
In addition, we offer two optional pull-out programs, Jr. Stem Lab and Soccer Shots, for students 2 years and older.


Hours of operation:  9:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m.  We operate a nine-month school year, August through May, and observe the same holiday and closing schedule as Arlington Community Schools (ACS). School closings for inclement weather follow the determination of ACS.
Class Schedule
TODDLERS (15 months – 23 months): Tuesday/Thursday
TWO YEARS: Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday
THREE YEARS: Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday, or Add Friday to M/W or T/TH class
FOUR YEARS: Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday
TRANSITION: Monday-Thursday

Tours and Registration

For more information and to register, contact:


Donna Wolfanger, Advent Arlington Preschool Director

office: 901-867-3059

6176 Chester Street