Small Group Curriculum

What Curriculum?

This is material centered on the current sermon series.  Downloadable material will be accessible online for you to download and use during your small group gathering.

The Format

The format of the curriculum is based on three s’s:

Icebreaker question or suggestion to get the group thinking about the present sermon series and upcoming material.


Follow-up insight or teaching concerning the Sunday sermon.  This is the portion where one “seeks out” information or “seeks to find” insight into the sermon or the scriptures.


Reflection and application portion of the curriculum.  This is where one “sees” how the pieces fit and the information learned applies to life.  Immediately below the word “See” in the curriculum is an implication item.  This implication is the theme of the reflection questions that follow. There are spaces between each question for you to write down any notes or responses; however, you may want to use your own note-taking device for more room.

Do I Have to Use This Curriculum?

We desire that small groups use this curriculum; however, it is optional.  During your group gathering, you do not have to use the questions from the “See” portion either.  You can utilize your own creativity and questions if you like.

Why Use the Curriculum?

Many have a desire to lead a small group but feel unqualified to do so.  The curriculum provides a simple way for anyone to lead a small group as a

guide/host/overseer/facilitator rather than as a teacher.

How Might This Curriculum be Used in a Small Group?

An example might be (and is not limited to): Gather together at the church or someone’s house, eat food, worship/pray, hand out copies of the curriculum to each person in the group, facilitator begins the curriculum moving through each section and allowing for responses/discussion, prayer/communion at the end, group dismissed!