ALIVE Together

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Ephesians 4:1-16
We are most ALIVE when we are in community with other followers of Christ, united but not uniform.
Caught up in the conveyor belt of busyness, we often find ourselves with a posture of survival. Let’s just make it through the day. But why just survive when we can be ALIVE? Jesus says that He came to give us life more abundant, so what’s keeping us from experiencing it? When we forget who we are and why we’re here, we miss out on so much of what God designed for us as truly life. Paul writes his letter to the Ephesians to remind them of their identity in Christ and their purpose for Christ so that they could know what it means through the Gospel to be truly ALIVE. In this sermon series, we’ll explore the first five chapters of Ephesians as Paul shares the truths of the Holy Spirit’s work to unite us to Christ and orient our lives towards His glory. We will see and savor the message that when we were dead in our sins, God in His grace made us truly ALIVE.