Conversations with the Creator – Learning the Language

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Exodus 14:26-15:2
Singing as an especially corporate activity of the church teaches us the language of our faith, giving our minds and hearts freedom to express love to our Savior.
On the great day of salvation for the Israelites when the LORD finally and completely delivers them from the Egyptians through a miracle in the Red Sea, the Israelites prove our Creator-given response by singing praise to God. Imagine this vast sea of people learning the lyrics that their leader Moses wrote for them and then shouting them out. This song was passed down from generation to generation as the people of God learned the language of their soul’s salvation. When we sing, we are giving our minds and hearts the pathway to express our gratitude for God’s saving work in us and around us. Music has a unique way of calling our whole being into action to respond to God. When we sing, we join with the angels’ already ongoing song around the throne of God.