Grooves – Second Third

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Genesis 29:1-35:15 and Ruth 2:1-3:18
Loss doesn’t necessarily mean “the end.” Loss can actually be a grace. For the Feminine Path, this phase of life is the beginning of redemption. Identity is shaped, authority and power is discovered.
The second third of the Masculine Path involves a crisis of limitation. The gains one had in the first third of life are taken away or compromised. Gains are hard to come by, even illusive. It might seem that God’s judging someone during this time, but God wants to teach them the way of the cross, the low road. The first half of life was easy for Jacob, he was able to trick others. His time in Paddan Aram was filled with challenge, deception, and struggle.
The second third of the Feminine Path involves the beginning of the climbing. Rohr calls it “The work of Body and Soul” when one begins to develop a solid self, a loving community, and an enduring purpose. Naomi’s unique knowledge of the intricacies of Judean culture allowed Ruth to work her way towards Boaz, Naomi’s kinsman redeemer.