Hidden Figures – Father Donovan

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Romans 1:16
Re-imagining and evangelizing in our day for the sake of the lost and encouraging the saved.
Father Donovan believed that if people truly grasped the evangelistic strategy of Paul, then the world would have more Christians: “Instead of the 33,000 missionaries of the type we have known, if we had 1,000 men of the mind of Paul, convinced of the method of Paul, I wonder what proportion of the world would be evangelized.” This is exactly what Father Donovan did. He gave up nearly 20 years of his life to specifically share the Gospel from tribe to tribe in Africa. He even mapped out what tribes he would visit, how long he would be there, and how many years it would take him to cover so much ground.
Evangelism is still part of the Christian tradition and Biblical mandate. Many see Christianity as the aggressive Billy Graham strategy of door-to-door and/or open-air preaching. Evangelism does not have to be that intimidating.