Reluctance makes us run

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Reluctance Makes us Run
Jonah 1
Jonah, obviously uncomfortable about his commission from God, chooses to go as far away as possible –Ninevah. But, he couldn’t outrun God. God, because of his grace, chases him down.
Scholars note both the “downward” direction of Jonah’s journey and the “eastward” path towards Tarshish. The book of Genesis uses a similar “eastward” trope to illustrate humanity’s journey away from Eden.
Jonah is read on Yom Kippur (day of atonement). Which is rich with theological hope for us. As Erica Brown suggests, “The reading suggests that it is indeed never too late to identify alternate roads to integrity, authenticity, and intimacy with God . . . we may give up on ourselves. God, however, does not give up on us.”