Road Trip with God – Do We Gotta Go

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Exodus 14:10-20
The Israelites had to be convinced to go on the journey to the Promised Land and to not turn back. They moved from being unaware of their situation, to an awareness, and finally to a turning point at which they were willing to venture forth in a new direction toward a new location. For them, it was a move out of slavery in Egypt and its gods toward a Promised Land with Yahweh.
God defeated all the gods of Egypt to set his people free. They still needed to have the courage to leave Egypt and not go back. “Awareness always calls us to take responsibility for responding to what we are seeing-which is another reason that many of us seek to avoid awareness for as long as we can.” Ruth Haley Barton. Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry. God made a way for them across the Red Sea, illuminating their path forward and guarding them from attack behind.
Consider if there are any gods you need to walk away from.