The Former Member is Ticked

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1 Peter 2:11-12, 15; Jude 22-23
As we commit financially to Advent’s future mission, we also re-commit inwardly to not belittle those who doubt around us, but engage them with a thoughtful and gracious witness.
We live in an age where many have left the church due to disappointment. For some, it is their personal experiences that have created resentment, preventing them from wanting to try again. For others, the growing distrust within the public square with the church (due to leadership scandals, sexual misconduct cover-ups, and what is perceived as mixed up priorities).
An image emerges with Peter’s command; the “silence” of the talk of outsiders is like a dog-muzzle. Believers can live such winsome lives that those who accuse us prove to be “all bark and no bite.”