The Squad That Practices Together

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Luke 10:1-24
The Christian life calls us to share about God’s love as a community. Just as Jesus broke down his disciples into working pairs, modern-day disciples join with one or two others to practice the faith, together. More than a worshiping or a learning group, a practicing group is a small, agile group where one can be known, can know others, and can work together in a life of service.
Notice that Jesus sent the disciples “to every town and place where he was about to go.” (Luke 10:1) How incredible of a task was this… to go ahead of Jesus to prepare a way for him. Imagine the close connection each discipleship group had while in service to Jesus’ mission. Imagine how well they knew each other and how much of a blessing it was to have someone you could count on.
We are given a chance to go in Jesus’ name with others at Advent. The best group size for this opportunity is a group with 2-3 people. We offer the T.I.E. groups that commit to the BELLS missional practices or mentoring groups which focus on helping to ground us into an early, growing Christian faith.