Ticked – God is Ticked

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Ticked: A Series about Anger
Anger is a common emotion for all, but it can be a challenge to know when anger is an appropriate feeling in different circumstances. Some might suggest that we live in an angry culture, where angry people are nearly tearing our world apart. How do we know how to be faithful to God and deal with our angry emotions? This series will seek to answer a few questions about anger and provide ways to deal with and use our anger in a Christian way.
God is Ticked
Psalm 103:8-10; Micah 7:18-19; Psalm 30:5; Genesis 6
The issue of whether a Christian can be angry is a complex one. God gets angry in the Bible, so perhaps all of our anger isn’t bad. It’s important to consider the anger ratio. God’s anger lasts a “moment” but favor lasts a lifetime.
After considering a God who can be angry (and who is also holy), perhaps our study of anger should consider unhelpful anger versus holy anger.