Worry One Day at a Time

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Worry One Day at a Time
Matthew 6:25-34
If we rest in an eternal and powerful God, we can minimize worry to the day and things over which we have control.
If there’s one thing a pandemic has taught us, it’s that our entire world can change in a day. Even as we transition out of quarantine mode, we realize planning, anticipating, and committing to events is a rather nebulous concept. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? A gift of these last few months has been to force us into a Biblical rhythm that has been discovered effective in many areas of life, like counseling, health, addictions, or relationships: living one day at a time. This concept oozes from the pages of Scripture in direct and clear phrases and in the concept of a Creator and Sustainer God. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? God does. The reason we can live one day at a time is because we worship a God who lives outside of time. This sermon series aims to relieve the burden of those trying to live years, months, or even weeks at a time, to focus our hearts on the present, to inspire us to seize opportunity, and to magnify God’s greatness by increasing our trust in Him.