Advent CLC

Front Desk Attendee – To provide a front door welcoming presence, and to oversee scheduled activities and assist CLC visitors with needs or questions while in the facility.  To answer phones during open hours and take messages.  Job responsibilities may also include turning lights on/off, unlocking/locking doors.  This is both a volunteer and paid position.

Aerobics/Zumba Instructor – To teach and lead scheduled classes, take attendance, record/collect fees, and log work hours/sessions.  Teachers must be certified in their instruction or have previous experience in leading.   This is a paid position.

Coach, Assistant Coach – To lead, teach, and encourage students in the area of competitive sports.  This is a volunteer position that requires a background check.

Camp Instructor/Assistant – To lead, or assist in leading scheduled camps throughout the year. This is both a volunteer and paid position that requires a background check.

Special Event Volunteer – There are several special events throughout the year that require volunteers to help facilitate and run.  This is a volunteer position


Advent Kids

Sunday Morning Opportunities:

Children’s Greeter – Greets children and families, assists guests/new members

Nursery Volunteer – Cares for children during worship services and the Sunday school hour

Children’s Worship Leader/Assistant – Engages with children through worship and creative learning activities

Sunday School Group Leaders – Teach or assist a teacher during the Sunday school hour through creative learning activities

Substitute Volunteers – Fill in occasionally for our regularly scheduled volunteers in an area of your preference.

Special Events:

We are always looking for volunteers for the following:

    • Mission Events
    • Fellowship Events
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Vacation Bible School

Advent Youth Ministry (AYM)

*Volunteers can fill more than one role


General Advisor

Interaction Level: High

Frequency: 1-3 times per week

Description: Comes to all or most AYM events to interact with youth and assist in any way necessary.

Huddle Volunteer

Interaction Level: High

Frequency: Weekly (26 wks/yr)

Description: Interacts with students and helps in any way needed during Huddle on Sunday nights.

EPIC Volunteer

Interaction Level: High

Frequency: Weekly (20 wks/yr)

Description: Helps in any way needed during EPIC on different teams that students can be a part of (drama, art, band, potential for others)

Connect Group Leader

Interaction Level: High

Frequency: Weekly

Description: Receive a discussion outline with guidelines for discussion and lead a small group discussion during AYM Connect Groups on Sunday mornings.

Discipleship Group Leader

Interaction Level: High

Frequency: 3-4/month Description: Recruit or receive a small group of students with whom you get together 3-4x per month to memorize Scripture, study a book or the Bible, share prayer requests, and general discipleship.

Game Leader Interaction

Level: Medium

Frequency: Weekly (26 wks/yr)

Description: Develop or find a game for students. Get supplies (reimbursed), set up, and lead the 20-25 minute game at Huddle.

Hospitality Team Interaction

Level: None

Frequency: 1-3/month

Description: Receive visitor cards from Huddle of first time visitors. Buy (reimbursed) a 12- pack of visitor’s favorite soda or favorite candy and drop it off at their house during the week with a note.

Kitchen Crew

Interaction Level: Low

Frequency: Weekly (26 wks/yr)

Description: Help prepare and serve a meal for students during Huddle.

Special Events Leader

Interaction Level: High

Frequency: 2/quarter

Description: Put in a pool of leaders that can be called upon to help with special events/retreats. Often for driving or preparing food.

Childcare Team

Interaction Level: None

Frequency: Weekly (26 wks/yr)

Description: Provide childcare for children of other youth volunteers during Sunday night Huddle



Courtesy Team – Welcome folks as they arrive in the parking lot. Help keep building safe and secure on Sunday mornings. Contact Larry Stone. (

Greeters – Warmly greet people as they enter the buildings. Smile. Escort guests to appropriate areas.  Contact Bill Ervin. (

Welcome Desk Volunteers – Sit at welcome desk and greet folks as they arrive. Assist guests with finding classrooms, restrooms, etc. Encourage guests to fill out connect cards. Contact Robin Ballou. (

Ushers – Enthusiastically greet those who enter the sanctuary. Collect offering. Tidy sanctuary before and after services. Contact Thaine Hanks. (


Creative Arts

Advent offers a diverse array of opportunities for engagement in the Advent Creative Arts Ministry. Please contact David Shotsberger for an audition and an interview. 


Contemporary and Traditional Solo and Ensemble Instrumentalists

Contemporary and Traditional Solo, Ensemble and Choral Vocalists

Technology and Production

Live Sound Engineer

Live Video Engineer

Live Lighting Engineer

Live Lighting Design

Live Video Production

Studio Video Production

Stage Design

Stage Management




Poetry and Spoken Word

Worship Environment Aesthetics