Cordova PDO & Preschool

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Come see why Advent Cordova Preschool has been one of the TOP preschools in the Mid-South for over 25 YEARS!!  We received a perfect score of three stars from the State of Tennessee. 

Locations and Times

Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 2:30.

Two year olds can come two days a week (M/W or T/TH).

Three year olds can come two, three or four days a week (M/W, T/TH, M/T/TH, M/T/W/TH)

Four year old Preschool & Kindergarten Transition children can choose three, or four days a week ( M/T/TH, M-TH.)

Contact Info

Advent Preschool and Parent’s Day Out – Cordova
1879 North Germantown Parkway
Cordova, TN 38016
(901) 755-5637

Advent Preschool/PDO Director

Linda Aycock

About the PDO


We have classes at our Cordova PDO on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Children must be 12 months old to enroll in the toddler classes. Parents can pick one or two of these days for their child.

Two Year Olds

Our two year old class at the Cordova PDO meets on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Parents can pick two days for their child. Children should be age two by August 15 of that school year. Two year olds learn colors, shapes, and counting. We also introduce the alphabet. We love to build social skills and learn through play, music, and art.

If you need information more information, call 901-755-5637.

About the preschool

3 Year Olds

Our three year old classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Children must be three years old by August 15 of that school year.  Parents can choose two, three, or four days.

Three year olds learn their colors, shapes, numbers and letters.  We also introduce prewriting and scissor skills.  Our class learns through fun weekly themes that incorporate dramatic play, music, art, games, STEM activities, fine motor and social skills.

Three year olds use the Alpha Tales Curriculum to teach the ABC’s. Alpha Tales are humorous stories designed to help young children recognize letters and the sounds they make.  The stories lay the foundation for reading success using kid-pleasing books—one for reading success using kid-pleasing books –one for each letter of the alphabet.

4 Year Olds

Children should be four by August 15 of that school year.  Four year olds meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Parent can choose two, three, or four days for their child.

The four year old class is designed to prepare your child in all area for kindergarten.  Movement music, creative art, hands on science, and math are part of our weekly routine.  We have chosen Frog Street Press and Scholastic ABC Sing Along curriculum as part of our alphabet, number, shape, ad color recognition. 

In addition, worksheets are used for classifying, sequencing, matching, and listening to follow directions skills.  Special attention will be given to children on alphabet letter formation and printing their name.

Our curriculum involves music listening activity lessons designed to help young children recognize letter and phonic sounds which lay the foundation for reading success.

We also offer Spanish class twice a week, weekly chapel, and “special” days for 2-3-4 and Kindergarten Transition Class.

Kindergarten Transition Class

The Kindergarten Transitional class is also an option for children who are at least four by August 15th of the school year.  Children will be evaluated by the teacher; this allows us to make sure students are in the best placement for them.

The Kindergarten Transition class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Parents can choose either M/T/Th or Monday-Thursday.

We use the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Letterbook Series to review letter and sound correspondences in a small group environment.  Other resources and media are also used to further your child’s learning.

Your child will work on the following concepts throughout the year: upper/lower case formation of the alphabet; hand/eye coordination; writing their first and last names; sound discrimination of letters; repetition of sound patterns; blending three letter phonetic words and word families; syllables; and the gradual accumulation of phonetic words as well as sight words.

We also work on recognizing both the amounts and numerals for numbers 1-20. Science experiments are also done to learn other concepts.  Manipulatives and games are included as often as possible for your child to experience learning through play.

These concepts and practices allow us to better prepare your child for kindergarten.

We also offer Spanish class twice a week and weekly chapel (as allowed).